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Custom Shop GL-1


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Custom Shop GL-1



This plugin adds a unique store to the game that contains a bunch of settings. The store can also work with a special point system, which can be activated via the configuration file. The plugin also contains an API, with which you can quickly and easily add new items, as well as remove some of the usual ones.



Note that the plugin contains two files that need to be added to your list of plugins.

The custom_shop.amxx and cshop_items.amxx files are added to the plugins folder . The first plugin is basic, which means that the store cannot work without it. The second plugin contains the usual items in the store. If you wish, you may not add it in case you are adding your own items.

The customshop.inc file is added to scripting / include . This is the plugin's API. It lists all the features that can be used to make additional plugins.

The cshop_settings.inc file is added to scripting / include .

In configs / plugins.ini you only add custom_shop.amxx .

In configs / plugins-cshop.ini you add cshop_items.amxx . All sub-plugins for the store are added to this file. You can also add them to configs / plugins.ini , but they must be under custom_shop.amxx .


Administrator commands

cshop_points <nick | #userid> <amount> - Gives / takes points to / from the player.

cshop_items - List of all items.

cshop_edit - Menu for editing items.

cshop_reset_points - Restarts everyone's points


Aditional plugins for shop menu : 



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