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/bin/bash unban request

Bojan Jonoski

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-> NickName: /bin/bash
-> Age: 33
-> IP:
-> STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:22681632 
-> Time / date: Don't remember 
-> Map: fy_snow
-> The Admin who banned you: *PlaY4FuN*
-> Print Console: https://ibb.co/CJgm0kf
-> Reason: no.wg

I didn't wanted to provide WarGods report one more time. I already give wg scan to same admin earlier. If I need to provide wg scan each time when I play here, then I don't want to be a part of this. I really liked the server, but I want that people respect my time an to lower their harassment. 

To @Play4Fun admin, man, if you have any experience and skill in cs1.6, please use your eyes instead of some third party tools. It's not that hard to recognize the cheater.  





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The wg site is no longer available. Until it is resolved, do not ask the players to scan. Because you can't see if it's clean or has code.

Unbanned T/C


2 hours ago, Bojan Jonoski said:


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