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Model Cerere Unban / Unban Request

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# Titlul topicului trebuie sa fie: [Cerere Unban] Nickname

The Topic Title must be: [Unban Request] Nickname


-> Nickname:
-> Varsta :
-> IP :
-> Ora/data :
-> Harta :
-> Adminul care ti-a dat ban :
-> Print Consola:
-> Motiv :



-> NickName:
-> Age:
-> IP:
-> Time / date:
-> Map:
-> The Admin who banned you
-> Print Console:
-> Reason:


# Atentie! 


 Pe durata dezbaterii acestei cereri sunteti rugati sa asteptati linistit parerile adminilor fara sa dati reply dupa fiecare.

 Cererile se fac in maxim 24ore de la primirea ban-ului.

 Cererile care nu respecta modelul de mai sus si care nu au o dovada pot fi inchise.

 Dovezile le puteti uploada pe unul dintre aceste site-uri:  https://imgur.com/upload & https://postimages.org/




On the time you make a unban request, you are asked to be quiet and wait for a decission without makeing +1 (reply and reply)

The unban request should be make in maximum 24 hours since you take the ban

The requests who don'r respect the model from the top and who don't heave a proff will be close without any questions.

The Proofs you can upload using the recomanded sites: https://imgur.com/upload &  https://postimages.org/





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