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11.5, how time flies! Let’s spring into it.

First: the jungle, the mighty jungle. Champs like Master Yi and Sejuani have been in a bit of a jam, while others like Udyr and Rammus have been on full tilt, rampaging around the map. We’re giving the former more of a sting, and putting on the brakes for the latter.


Then: items! We're adding more rules to Guinsoo's Rageblade and providing clarification for its synergy with Senna. We're also helping Muramana out of its identity crisis with Essence Reaver by giving it more of a niche.


So sharpen your stingers, buzz onto the Rift, and make a beeline down mid. See ya next patch.

And for those of you with melissophobia (a fear of bees) you can take this portal TFT patch notes to check out the bee-free TFT scene! 



R - EMPEROR'S DIVIDE BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Azir's R - Emperor's Divide would fail to hit the champions behind him, even if they are visually in the ability's range

PASSIVE - SOVEREIGN'S DOMINATION BUGFIX Fixed a bug where when Viego dies during possession with Dark Seal equipped, the item will gain many stacks

PASSIVE - STONE SKIN BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Wukong would be missing the base bonus armor and health regen from his passive


 Serpent's Fang Bugfix, Qiyana Balance Change, Muramana Clarification

SHOCK CLARIFICATION Basic attacks deal 1.5% max mana as bonus damage against champions. Melee abilities deal 3.5% max mana as bonus damage and ranged abilities deal 2.7% max mana as bonus damage against champions; all abilities also deal +6% total AD as bonus damage against champions (on-hit attacks that trigger spell effects count as abilities for this purpose)

PASSIVE - GIFT OF THE DROWNED ONES BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Untargetable enemies would not count towards the additional health regen Pyke receives when he's near two or more enemies

Q - ELEMENTAL WRATH BONUS MOVE SPEED 5/6.25/7.5/8.75/10% ⇒ 5/7/9/11/13%
Serpent's Fang
SHIELD REAVER BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Serpent's Fang's Shield Reaver passive would not be applied by ability damage


more information here: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/






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