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Found 5 results

  1. [Steam Deck/Steam Input] – Steam Deck now allows other game controllers to be connected via Steam Input. All connected controllers combine inputs. (You can play with Gyros Akimbo if you are very cool). – “Pitch and Roll Combined” is the new default Gyro conversion on Steam Deck. All other controllers default to “Yaw” – Radial menus (in particular, Quick Buy radials) no longer persist when dying. – Some glyph fixes in Spectator mode. This was just a little update from cs go information take from https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/category/updates/
  2. [GAMEPLAY] – Reduced the M4A1-S magazine size to 20 bullets, with 80 in reserve. [MAPS] Ancient: -Remove cratestack outside of “cave” location -Fixed pixelgap from inside “cave” towards T mid -Fixed ground clipping bugs in mid causing players to go slightly airborne -Smoothed out ground outside of “cave” down towards B ramp -Blocked archeological dig inside of “cave” -Smoothed out corners in “donut” room -Added additional cover near pillar on B -Blocked one sidepath exit towards A site, widened remaining exit -Fixed some visual glitches when looking out towards mid from “donut” room -Reduced wallbang damage through scaffolding at B site -Boosted light emitted from candles/lanterns Inferno: -Increased bomb explosion damage from 500 to 620 Vertigo -Another attempt at fixing molly through floor bug at mid -Removed a position by ramp corner Cache: -Fixed an exploit. (Thanks El_Exodus!) Vineyard -Performance and stability improvements -Ivy now sways in the wind -Fixed displacement vphysics issues
  3. [MAPS] Ember: – Removed old clips on stairs at Rock Pool B – Replaced stairs at Rock Pool B with new metal stairs – Fixed loads of minor bugs (thanks Joaokaka1998) – Geyser west of ruins now pushes the player upwards with less force – Added more spawn drops around Lighthouse area – The extraction fans on Apartments can now be stood on – Fixed visual bug in tunnels below Hospital – Fixed non solid door at Hospital Vineyard: -Added new map location names (Barn, Broken Bridge, Castle, Chapel, Farm, Field, Fort, Mill, Ruins, Sewers, Temple, Villa, Vineyard, Winery) -Added collision to balconies in Fort -Adjusted stair clipping -Added drone clips around Docks -Fixed stuck spots -Fixed miscellaneous bugs -Special thanks to nx, fearless, iNilo, lacyyy, Sandwich, Joaokaka1998 and Diddle
  4. New CSGO version of Tuscan appears one year after rumors Nick J. September 26, 2020 Its been almost an entire year since WIN.gg's last report on rumors of a de_tuscan remake, but it seems as though the map's original designer have completed an early draft of a Counter-Strike classic. Created in 2007 by Colin "Brute" Volrath, de_tuscan is one of the Counter-Strike series' most famous maps, especially to older players that remember its time in the spotlight. Tuscan has always been characterized by close corners and tight spaces, trademark qualities that will likely make their way into Tuscan's new version. In addition to Brute, Tuscan is also being worked on by Ruby creator catfood, leaving the future of Tuscan in the hands of some of Counter-Strike's finest mapmakers.
  5. When you reach Global General (Rank 40), you’ll have the option to reset your Profile Rank and earn (or upgrade) a Service Medal. After January 1, 2021 you’ll be able to receive the new 2021 Service Medal, an inspectable display item that will be visible wherever your avatar is shown.
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