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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0


    Addons default AMXX 1.9.0 with ReAPI & ReGameDLL Also, this addons contain reunion, reauthcheck, reaimdetector, whblocker, resemiclip. Download: MEDIAFIRE / MEGA.NZ Password: www.gamelife.ro


    Version 0.2.2


    Author: ReHLDS Team Description: ReAimDetector - AmxModX module for ReHLDS & ReGameDLL, which: detects AimBot and NoSpread blocks some types of AimBot, Triggerbot, AutoFire, KnifeBot when setting "SEND_PROTECTION_WEAPON" is enabled crashes some hacks with the "CRASH_CHEAT" setting turned on Requirements: ReHLDS ReGameDLL AMX Mod X MetaMod 1.20 (p) or later Installation: In the cstrike / addons / amxmodx directory, copy the "configs" and "modules" folders. Open the file addons / amxmodx / configs / modules.ini, and add a new line reaimdetector Compile the plugin from the "scripting" folder. You are adding the plugin to the server. The installation is complete. Settings: Teams: / aim - opens a menu for viewing alerts (chat) reaim_reloadcfg - reload config file (console) Thanks: dreamstalker for ReHLDS project mazdan for the aimbot detection method gyxoBka for improvements to the amxx plugin



    What is ReGameDLL_CS? ( Reverse-engineered CS mod) ReGameDLL_CS is the result of reverse engineering (decompilation) of the original CS mod for Half-Life (HLDS build 6153 beta) using DWARF information for debugging embedded in the Linux version, cs.so . Simply put, ReGameDLL is what is fully responsible for CS. In it is the whole logic of CS fashion. The operation of the weapons, the behavior of the objects, the conditions for the end of the round, etc. The project in GitHub Changelog Cvars Repository with compiled files The official topic What will it provide us? The project is built with modern compilers that give a little more performance. Some useful or frequently used items can be added directly to fashion without the need to add them with AMXX plugins. Ability to use the ReGameDLL API for Metamod plugins or AMXX modules. Objectives: Provide more advanced APIs for mods and plugins. Bug fixes. Code optimization. Current status: CS 1.6 - [100%] CS: CZ - [100%] How to use? ReGameDLL is fully compatible with the original CS mod. All you have to do is download the binary and replace the original mp.dll / cs.so in the cstrike / dlls folder. In the archive, in the bin folder there are two folders 'bugfixed' and 'pure' 'pure' made to work just like the original CS mod from Valve 'bugfixed' contains several fixes and improvements to ReGameDLL CS Put the game.cfg configuration file in the server's root folder or in the cstrike folder . All mp_ failures must be in game.cfg Attention! ReGameDLL is not binary compatible with the original because it was compiled with another compiler. This means that metamode plugins that parse binary code (Orpheu, Okapi) are unlikely to work with ReGameDLL. Metamod versions supported by: Metamod 1.21p37 ( Warning: 1.20 and below NOT RECOMMENDED )
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