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  1. 45 downloads

    Compile both plugins. Then put them in addons. OciXCrom's Rank System [XP|Levels|Ranks] ☄ Description A fully optimized and easy to use rank system, containing tons of options and an API for creating sub-plugins. Unlike other plugins like this where in order to add/remove or change ranks and the required XP for them, the end-user has to make changes in the .sma file and recompile the plugin, this one does everything through a configuration file that doesn't require any scripting skills nor recompiling the plugin after a change has been made. The plugin has an option to set different XP rewards for different in-game events, such as killing a player, headshot, suicide, teamkill, planting/defusing the bomb and so on. You can even specify different rewards for any weapon in the game. ☄ Information

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