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  1. Name: buze IP: STEAM_1:0:835037224 Reason: aim https://files.fm/u/ga45nv6ev
  2. Holla boys.. question for my fellow admins (vip).. :) Does anyone , except me , think that benefits of vip are too high? I'm talking about x2 demage on all weapons. I think it is a bit too much, for me personaly I'm cool without vip , but I'm qurious to hear others opinion.. Ok - hp..HE..exp... but to make 110dmg with knife (and I love knife as u now :) ) or kill with 2 bullets glock it's really unfair.. I mean, we are there to protect the server from cheaters , and combined with all benefits , makes us kind of same. Note: I just want to point out
  3. Name: Alibaba IP: / STEAM_1:0:987585471 Reason: speed https://files.fm/u/ztqsb7wh6
  4. Name: A8 D2 4.2 IP: STEAM_1:0:626099042 / Reason: speed https://files.fm/u/2tdeb3qy7
  5. Name: ```` IP: / STEAM_0:4:1021368502 Reason: god mode https://files.fm/u/g7y3x35nr
  6. Name: (1)Navy IP: STEAM_1:0:1031441121 / Reason: aim https://files.fm/u/rbgkf676x
  7. Name: Staff IP: STEAM_1:0:187435711 / Reason: wh https://files.fm/u/wu65jxq2n