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  1. Hi everyone, first i would like to apologize is its not the right place to talk about this, but here it goes. About the competition thing, i would like to say/make a few statements and give some ideas. Reward people who spent the most time on the server: Awesome idea, but people will leave the game open 24/7, more than they do now. But it's great for statistics. The top 3 rank players- Put a Tag before their name TOP 1, TOP 2 or TOP 3, something like admins/owners, etc have. Admins have different skins (players model) or add a had a mark on their head - Maybe cheaters will see the admin skin and leave, which is good or just dont give a fk (). Server feedback puglin - Players can give us their feedback about what they think about the server, and make suggestions. Add Radio Blocker Puglin - This is really annoying when someone is spamming the radio chat all game. I already received a lot of complaints about this. (Actually you can use the comand ignorerad, but they dont listen me). Spectator mode - Invisible mode for admins and dont let players to go spectate mode, besides admins. Bad camper Puglin - Camping is a strategy ofc, but should be done with moderation. They can camp, but not pitch a tent. Add logo/Picture of Respawn Gamelife when you join the server. I know some of this ideas can be hard to implement and accept, but take some take some time and think about it and let me know. (Btw and about the VIP stuff? Any thoughts to bring it back?) Have a nice y'all. Cheers

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