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  1. Respins ! Nu acceptam sloganul " din pacate nu am doar ce am descoperit svul si chiar vreau sa dau o mana de ajutor(bineinteles voi face orele in primele cateva zile daca sunt acceptat) " Thread Locked ! Incearca sa acumulezi minimum 25 ore si apoi incearca sa reformulezi o cerere .
  2. Momentan lasam asa , nu este vorba de cum joaca lumea , este problema ca in momentul schimbari harti sa primim attack-ul si atunci ne prinde in gaura totala , pana pe data de 1 ramane asa , nu moare nimeni 2 - 3 zile , va fi restart map la fiecare 40 - 50 respectiv 60 de minute , n-ai de ce sa-ti faci probleme , gestionam problema astfel datorita attack-urilor , in momentul schimbari harti in inferno automat vor exista fluctuatii . Deci in concluzie ceea ce am postat eu ramane efectiv definitv si irevocabil .
  3. Contra , sfat : reformuleaza o cerere cand obti un minimum de 15 - 20 de ore pe server . O zi buna !
  4. Hello , Please let ip or steamid for unban ! We apologize for the incompetence of admin Daniela @Daniela - Remove ,ai primit si ban permanent , asta pentru ca am verificat si in repetate randuri ti-ai batut joc de jucatori si le-ai dat ban fara un motiv intemeiat .
  5. Accepted ! Send me PM with nick & password for acces . Thread Locked !
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hey bro ! You, do not apologize for the suggestion, there are real advantages for our server! These are good and ingenious ideas. Well, as you mentioned, I've already set in motion and implemented essential scripts. As my colleague Cosmin told you in points 4, 7, we will not add yet. You can see the changes made here Obviously we will try to find the best solutions for the proper functioning of the server . Thanks for the good suggestions and ideas!
  8. Eu sunt la serviciu , o sa-ti scriu pe Whatsapp , ne auzim acolo .
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