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  1. Sorry, forgot to paste Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198215643820/
  2. Nick: Unlimited Power | Cerberus Vârsta: 25 Steam on/off: I use cs 1.6 from cs.Sector.bg Timp Jucat pe Server (Link GT) : https://www.gametracker.com/player/Unlimited Power | Cerberus/ Experiență CS/AMXX: 3 years head admin in "CS Warning Zone", 2 years admin in "CS.SECTOR.BG", also cs 1.6 Mapper Timp disponibil: 3 - 5 hours Seara sau ziua?: Both day/night De ce dorești Admin? : I've joined this server a couple of weeks ago; my clan member "Unlimited Power | Indzhov" told me about this server, and i liked it pretty much. Anyway, since I play in here, i've seen many hackers playing, unfortunately. I've also told my buddy to call someone..So basically i want to make this server as clan as possible from hackers. Ai citit Regulamentul Admin/Playeri? : Yes Îți iei responsabilitatea de a intra cel puțin o dată pe zi pe forum? : Yes Vei participa la conferințele staff-ului pe TeamSpeak 3? : Yeah, no worries about it. Unless i'm at work tho! Contact(Discord, Steam, Skype): Discord : Unlimited Power | Cerberus#4153 Thanks in advice, Ivan