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  1. Sorry! I am lost on forum and being confuse due to unfair decision by kosmos. Should I post the request or unnecessarily now?
  2. thanks guys! yep I played a lot on server. Probably I had not good internet connection and lagged but getting permanent ban for this - too much I think. =/
  3. ban information name: idu na b steamid: steam_1:0:1304420783 reason: b unban time: permanent ban admin name: kosmos admin steamid: steam_0:1:444258078 if you think you were banned unfairly, report this information to our website: www.gamelife.ro section respawn / unban request *************************************** Hello boys. What is the reason - b? I reached almost 40 level on the server and has been banned unfairly. Never used some cheats or something else. It's mistake definetely! Looked at the CS 1.6 documents and did not find any screenshots from yours server. Please tell me what happened? Yours sincerely, Vlad.