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  1. VOTAT https://topg.org/csgo-servers/server-622036 VOTAT http://csservers.top/server/53
  2. Nick:CrazyFliZzy SteamID :STEAM_1:1:584904747 Motiv:wh Data și ora : 15/1/2021 5:13 Dovezi (print/demo) :
  3. Nick: SteamID : Motiv: Data și ora : Dovezi (print/demo) :
  4. VOTAT https://topg.org/csgo-servers/server-622036 VOTAT http://csservers.top/server/53
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  6. Shoby

    [ARENA] Preturi

    Cei care doresc sa contribuie la dezvoltarea si popularea serverului vor primi in functie de sume urmatoarele: Owner ->(fara acces fpt) -> 75$ (skin csgo - 85$) Co-Owner -> 60$ (skin csgo - 55$) Trusted -> 35$ (skin csgo - 40$) Moderator -> 25$ (skin csgo - 25$) Administrator -> 15$ (skin csgo - 15$) Helper -> 3$ (skin csgo - 5$)
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  8. As the situation in Harran is getting out of hand, Bureau Z has no choice but to send their best agent there. The fate of the city’s at stake – you can’t fail. Become a real secret agent and change your buggy into a ride worthy of such. The bureau has decided to equip you with their flagship vehicle, Covert Crash, among the most deadly and discreet weapons. Teach your enemies a lesson with Savoir Vivre – a classy new cane. Nothing’s more gentlemanly than killing zombies. Working undercover? Eliminate them with Torn Whisper, a silenced pistol. Compromised? Go all-in with your SMG, S
  9. On a recent live stream, Valorant Game Director Joseph Ziegler dropped hints about more maps possibly joining the Valorant map pool before the end of the year. On January 11th, Tyler Erzberger, aka FionnOnFire, hosted a live stream hangout on the Valorant Twitch channel. He was joined by several Valorant developers, including Game Director Joseph Ziegler and Game Designer Sal Garazzo. The developers briefly touched upon different maps in Valorant, and they also dropped hints about any possible future maps. He maps of Valorant and future locations Currently, there are 5 maps