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  2. Unbanned! S-a discutat pe TeamSpeak cu amandoi (admin si user)
  3. Iarta-i Doamne injuraturile lui Ciumi :))
  4. View File [ReAPI] Block Fire in the Hole Reapi plugin that blocks 'Fire in the hole!' chat messages. Author: sergrib Archive password: Submitter aEEk.# Submitted 10/15/2022 Category Plugins  
  5. Version 0.0.1


    Reapi plugin that blocks 'Fire in the hole!' chat messages. Author: sergrib Archive password:
  6. poti modifica modele care au deja inclus inspect.
  7. Pluginul de inspect nu functioneaza daca nu are' Animation Sequence' care sa faca asta (pe langa idle, draw, slash, etc... uita-te in modelul actual)
  8. pacat ca nu are functia de inspect
  9. Server updated succesfully (27.07) and fixed minor bugs (28.07) ! Currently we are recreating map spawns, so I will update the list once a map is ready: fy_snow de_dust de_dust2 de_dust2_2006 de_kabul32 de_dust2x2 de_inferno de_inferno2se de_mjolby6 de_dustyaztec de_nuke2010 de_nuke_rarea de_amr de_barcelona de_westwood_big de_rats_1337 de_abaddon de_train32 de_romania2011 de_chateau de_alexandra de_romania de_perfect_inferno de_tuscan32 dm_gamelife de_bose cs_italy32 cs_sia_assault de_algeria de_dusferno2 de_irak2 de_bretonia ++ NEW ++ de_dust2002 de_dust2_2009 css_cbble de_dust2_snow de_rds32 de_dust2x2_reno de_inferno_remake de_bisborg de_trenal css_overpass de_inferno_snow de_aztec_winter de_kabul_winter css_train_winter ________ ! Note: We recommend you to use minimum 1024x768 video resolution for a better and smooth performance.
  10. Hello everybody, 1 year ago we decided to create a unique atmosphere on our server and throughout this period we spent some time investigating what we need to improve/update in the next couple of months (also based on others feedback). In the next days, starting from today, server will be updated and you can be aware about these changes by following this topic. So, in order to easily manage the complexity of the functions and facility of creating new plugins, we created a 'technology' named Reversed Node (ReNo) that is based on ReAPI. The following rows will track what we updated and the status to know if it's running on the server: updated ReAPI, ReGameDLL to the last versions (Done) added ReNo base and sub-plugins (Done) updated players and admins chat (Done) refactored AdBlocker (Done) refactored session manager (Done) added session Leader (Done) refactored StatsX ((Done) refactored User settings (Done) When these updates are done and running on our server you will feel a good performance that was improved up to 36% and also you will find new in-game features and new style menus for weapons and settings, chat cooldowns, and many others that we will let you find out. Also we fixed few bugs related to teams and weapons management, we migrated a part of plugins that we touch to ReAPI. ______________________________________ What we want to do in the future ? more in-game and performance improvements to add points system to add achievements system to migrate all plugins code to ReAPI and bits to let user's profile customize more to add more benefits for Steam users to add reputation system gambling zone As always, Your RESPAWN.GAMELIFE.RO Staff
  11. am vazut toate in ordinea corecta pana la ultimul Spider-man inclusiv. deci o sa trec la Loki next.
  12. Are rost sa ma uit la serialele cu Loki si WandaVision inainte?
  13. Sa pastrezi .psd te rog. Multumesc!
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