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  1. Am bagat ceva boti. Ca nu merge gungame cu 5 jucatori
  2. Sa ma uit in cstrike sigur am un demo cu iulian cand face ceva de genul pe respawn!!! ( eu mereu joc demo on ) Daca il gasesc o sa iasa super :))
  3. Unbanned!!! And mdL removed form staff!! Topic Closed!
  4. Salut. De ce nu spui / arati ce ai comentat? Eu am logs si apare ce ai spus, dar sa vedem daca ai curajul sa pui aici ce ai spus despre update. Daca nu am sa pun eu maine cand vin de la munca. Daca unii jucatori au crescut la tara cu oile e problema lor. Eu aplic regulamentul. ( Doar e facut de mine ) Ai vorbit exagerat de urat. Si te-am iertat de 2 ori. Dar cand spamezi asa in prostie pe amx_say ..... Ps: Cererea este respinsa oricum. Din ce cauza ?! O cerere de unban se face in maxim 24h nu dupa 5 zile.
  5. I accept you in the respawn staff send me nickname and password on PM!! At the moment you will receive Helper!! After you increase your activity, you will get an upgrade!! Make your topic in the admin presence category. You only have access to amx_votemap amx_voteban amx_kick amx_slay !! You are not allowed to change the map (it changes automatically have frag limit). You can only change if there are few players

    Slyano admin request

    Accepted!!! Nick and Password on PM
  7. Accepted!! Nick and password on PM
  8. Accepted!! nick and pass on pm!
  9. Sa zicem Loki!! Ca sa iti dai seama umpic despre multiuniver!! Dar wanda .... ce a facut mare lucru ca a condus un sat intreg cum a vrut ea!! Cel mai bine e sa vezi spider man!! Ultimul!! Am uitat cum ii spune no way home sau ceva de gen!! Cand apar toti 3 actorii!! Acolo sparg ei multiuniversul!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Accepted. Send nickname and password on PM. T/C
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