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  1. Pe la sfarsitul saptamani incerc sa mai cumpar niste boosturi! Deocamdata stau c-am prost financiar, dar se rezolva.
  2. Banned. Tanks!!!
  3. Butonul de vot il aveti pe pagina respectiva. TSARVAR.COM Vote for us!
  4. Butonul de vot il aveti pe pagina respectiva. TSARVAR.COM Vote for us!
  5. I added a night program. What requests do I have for you !!! After 11 pm (23:00) in Romania, don't change the map. Maps change automatically until 13:40 o'clock (13:40) Night program: 23:00 to 13:40 More details here---> Click @Seriful @BeNy gL @BadAF @Stin @utzu @play.fun @ASASIN @mNd.#Hz @EyE. @ViTzU @CostinLkD @Cant Be Killed. @PokerK1d @Vova @Trudix
  6. I added "Server Task" Night Config
  7. Butonul de vot il aveti pe pagina respectiva. TSARVAR.COM Vote for us!
  8. Butonul de vot il aveti pe pagina respectiva. TSARVAR.COM Vote for us!
  9. I also added the invisible spectator plugin. After you become a spectator by command / spec. Open the console and type amx_spectate
  10. I added: Radio Block. (The one in the z x c commands) No more --> go go go / Fallow me on the server :))) I also added a Spray Block. It no longer works to put spray / logo on the server
  11. 1.Reward people who spent the most time on the server: Awesome idea, but people will leave the game open 24/7, more than they do now. But it's great for statistics. We reward top 15 players, not those who have the most hours. As you said, they can leave the PC 24/7 2. The top 3 rank players- Put a Tag before their name TOP 1, TOP 2 or TOP 3, something like admins/owners, etc have. A good idea with tags. Taken note 3. Admins have different skins (players model) or add a had a mark on their head - Maybe cheaters will see the admin skin and leave, which is good or just dont give a fk I will try adding some skins for admin 4. Server feedback puglin - Players can give us their feedback about what they think about the server, and make suggestions. We'll talk about that. It doesn't make much sense. Many want to play not to let feedback. I say not to complicate the server with many plugins 5. Add Radio Blocker Puglin - This is really annoying when someone is spamming the radio chat all game. I already received a lot of complaints about this. (Actually you can use the comand ignorerad, but they dont listen me). Taken note 6. Spectator mode - Invisible mode for admins and dont let players to go spectate mode, besides admins. I'll add it tonight if I have time if not tomorrow 7. Bad camper Puglin - Camping is a strategy ofc, but should be done with moderation. They can camp, but not pitch a tent. We are not adding it yet. That we have players sitting afk. And we need them. The plugin will always slap them and slow down the server. But over time we add it. 8 .Add logo/Picture of Respawn Gamelife when you join the server. We have the auto join plugin. Admins have immunity. Players do not have time to see that the server adds them automatically. But I will try a plugin on Saturday for advertising when you enter the server.

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