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  1. I have demo if needed.

    1. Happy


      ta gówno masz w dupie byłeś B)

    2. Qanon ratatuyyy

      Qanon ratatuyyy

      Just wont play with cheaters, i do not want admin, even to pay me 😛

      You turn up as a fool 😉  greetings fatty polish, we should keep togather as ortodox, but you are not so smart..

    3. Happy


      Jo jo weź ty kurwo serbska bo zaraz się zapowietrzysz kurewko jebana 

  2. "RESPAWN GAMELIFE R[0] [8]" 30729 STEAM_1:0:400696525

  3. we have aim cheater on server right know.

    "RESPAWN GAMELIFE R[0] [8]" 30729 STEAM_1:0:400696525


    I have demo if needed.

  4. Ok, thank you for respond. I understand. It's not up to me, if I can't access I will wait unlit I can. Greetings!
  5. Qanon ratatuyyy


    I have no section to post this issue, so I posted it here. I can not access to server, and don't know reason... This is what write in console What should I do? Nick: Qanon ratatuyyy SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1276987553
  6. NickName: Qanon ratatuyyy Steam ON/Off: NO Did you read the RULES?: YES STEAM_1:0:1276987553 I returned to cs after few years of pause, so I have more than 5 hours at server after playing for a week. Greetings