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  1. some images are amazing Blur, tex, border nice works
  2. It is not allowed to make more than 2 requests per month. for this reason this application will be closed. The design team only responds to your first request. keep this in mind for the future. ---> first request The title of the topic must be in the form: Nickname avatar/signature/banner request. Example: HazZaRD avatar request; Users who do not have at least 15 posts cannot request an Avatar / Signature / Banner; * Members of the following groups are exempt from this rule [Administrators / Super-Moderators / Moderators / Designers / Organizers / Elite Staff /
  3. Nickname : Sr.Daniel Nume Real : Daniel Alejandro Vârstă : 25 Contact : - Descrie-te în minim 10 cuvinte : Real, a quiet person, who enjoys taking pictures, while smoking a cigarette. she listens to music and does 50 other things at once. friendly , De ce crezi că meriți acest grad? : I don't know if I deserve it but I would like to be able to help and grow in this community. Cea mai bună lucrare a ta (poza + .psd) : Portofoliu : GALLERY Sr.Daniel Alte detalii : /