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  1. #REJECTED Please, as they said, read the rules and play few hours. After that i want to see you on TS. /Topic Closed
  2. Acc I want to see you on TeamSpeak to discuss. Send me: Nick and Pass. /Topic Clsoed
  3. Nimeni nu ti-a facut poze. TI-am cerut destul de clar si pe inteles ce ai de facut la un WG. Ai stat spectator 8 minute iar dupa ce ai vazut ca ti-a iesit rosu in scanare ai iesit. Unbanned ! /TC
  4. Acceptat! PM cu nick si parola. #TC
  5. Bine ati venit in Playlistul meu. Enjoy ! Lasati un LIKE la fiecare melodie care va place @_@
  6. Will you participate at the staff conference on TeamSpeak 3? : Yes First i want to see you on TS... after i will vote. PRO
  7. Will you participate at the staff conference on TeamSpeak 3? : yes First i want to see you on ts. PRO. !!!
  8. Will you attend staff conferences on TeamSpeak 3? : I will try this is 1 of the rules. If u want to became an admin you must 2 be ON on TS. From me u have PRO. lets wait the other opinions.
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