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  5. Free

    Version 1.3

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    Free Armor, Money, Scoreboard Tag and a Gun for people with a specific DNS/ LINK/ HOSTNAME in Steam Name. Requeriments * Mostactive * VIP Core Changes: * 1.0 First Release * 1.1 - Added !checkname so the player don't need to retry - Added some convars for easier configuration(see below) * 1.2 - Convars Name Updated * 1.3 - Added Money Features - Added more Convars * 1.4 - If a player have over 10 hours (configurable) he gets a weapon(confiurable) - More and More and More Convars :D * 1.5 - You can edit after how many seconds after the start of the round, issue an armor / helmet using ConVar Convars: "sm_goldmember_host" - The DNS,Link, Hostname, etc that players need to have in steam name to get goldmember "sm_goldmember_tag_type" - Tab tag type? 0 = Disable, 1 = Set Tag only if the player doesn't have any tag, 2 = Overide curent tag "sm_goldmember_give_helmet" - 0 = Don't give helmet, 1 = Give helmet" 1 - Enable, 0 or anything else - Disable "sm_goldmember_first_round" - Give Armor on Pistol Round?" 1 - Enable, 0 or anything else - Disable "sm_goldmember_armor_value" - Armor value "sm_goldmember_give_money" - Give a percentage of player curent money? 1 - Enable, 0 or anything else - Disable "sm_goldmember_procent" - Precentage of player's curent money to give back "sm_goldmember_time" - How many hours do playre need to have in order to get the weapon "sm_goldmember_pistol" - The weapon/pistol name "sm_goldmember_use_mostactive" - Use MostActive? "sm_goldmember_after_round_time" - Afeter how many seconds equipt the goldmember? Download
  6. Free

    Version 2.2.1

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    CS:GO mod brings the most popular gaming features from the newer generation of games to over 20 years old CS 1.6. Mod has been developed since 2017, although its free public version wasn't released until April 2019. Version 2.0.0 brings a lot of changes, the most important being submodel-based skins (over 1400 skins!) and support for multiple languages. The list of major changes from the previously released version 1.4 can be viewed here. Source TheDoctor0 <------ Description Mod consists of 19 plugins: 1. Core - an engine responsible for the main functions of the mod, i.e.: management of skins (setting, buying, drawing, exchanging, giving away) and handling currency (euro). Each skin can be bought for a certain amount of euro, you can also try to draw skin for any weapon. There is also a market for skins, where players can safely trade the earned skins. The skins are assigned to the weapon, so it is possible to pick up the weapon with other players' skins - when you point the gun at the gun, you can see if and what skin it has. 2. Account - system of accounts with the possibility of automatic login. Without logging in there is no access to any option available in fashion. 3. Nades - possibility of making short and medium throws with right/both mouse buttons. 4. Operations - there are 4 types of operations, you can add any number of them - the reward for the completion is the euro. 5. Ranks - ranks from CS:GO awarded on the basis of the ELO ranking, including their icons displayed over the heads of players. 6. RunBoost - a plugin that allows you to run a runboost like in CS:GO. 7. Smoke - white smoke imitating a the one from CS:GO, size and duration parameters are almost identical. 8. Molotov - a fully reproduced Molotov (it can even be extinguished with smoke) available to buy in buymenu or under /m command. 9. Zeus - fully mapped Zeus available for purchase in buymenu or under /z command. 10. Transfer - a plugin enabling the transfer of euro between players. 11. VIP and SVIP - plugin supporting VIP account bonuses (flag "t") and SVIP (flag "x"). 12. StatTrak - adds a StatTrak counter for each weapon. 13. Inspect - plugin which allows to view weapons after pressing F key. 14. Assist and Revenge - adds assist for inflicted damage and revenge on a player who killed us earlier. 15. Clans - an advanced clan system. Clan can be upgraded to allow for more members. Each member is also an additional bonus to the chance to drop skins during the draw. Additional features: clan wars, member management (online/offline), possibility to submit and process applications (online/offline). 16. Server Menu - main server menu available both under the /menu command and the V key. 17. BuyMenu - custom buymenu with replacement of the shield and nightvision goggles by Zeus and Molotov. In addition, during purchase you can see the skin set for the weapon. 18. No Distractions - a small plugin blocking the purchase of the shield and night vision goggles and removing loud sounds of fans on the mirage map. 19. Physics - a plugin that adds physics for weapons (except C4) Requirements 1. MySQL database. 2. AMXX version 1.8.3 or higher. Installation 1. Download csgo_mod.zip from the latest release. 2 Unpack the downloaded archive and upload the cstrike directory to your server. 3. Add linux addons/unprecacher/unprecacher_mm_i386.so to /cstrike/addons/metamod/plugins.ini. 4. Configure the database cvars in csgo_mod.cfg. Configuration The main configuration is in the file csgo_mod.cfg. The available skins can be changed in csgo_skins.ini. The main server menu options are located in csgo_menu.ini. The operation configuration can be found in csgo_operations.ini. Plugins can be enabled or disabled in plugins-csgo.ini. Commands If you want to add money (Euro) to any player balance, you can use this command: csgo_add_money <nick> <nick> <number> If you want to give any skin to any player from menu, you can use this command: csgo_add_skin If you want to make a full data reset without manually cleaning up database, you can use this command: csgo_reset_data To use it you need access to ADMIN_ADMIN, so add the flag "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxy".
  7. Lansările de smartphone-uri nu se opresc nici acum în luna august, moment în care așteptăm și debutul lui Samsung Galaxy M51 - un monstru cu baterie de 7000 mAh și dotări din zona mid-range. Nu știm exact data lansării, dar astăzi descoperim că pagina sa de suport a fost publicată pe site-ul Samsung Rusia acolo unde apare menționat cu numele de serie SM-515F/DSN. Nu sunt dezvăluite alte detalii despre acest nou telefon, iar pe seama informațiilor anterior vehiculate în online știm că Galaxy M51 va avea un procesor octa-core Qualcomm la interior (posibil Snapdragon 675), variante cu până la 8 GB RAM aparent și conectivitate Bluetooth 5.0. Pe listă mai apare și o cameră quad cu senzor principal de 64 mpx și o cameră ultra-wide de 12 mpx. Sistemul de operare va fi Android 10 cu interfața One UI aplicată peste și scanner-ul de amprente va fi unul fizic, amplasat în spate. În următoarele zile ar putea sosi detalii despre data lansării în India, țară în care va sosi pentru început. Așteptăm cu mare interes debutul și să aflăm la ce sumă se va vinde acest battery phone. Sursa : mobilissimo
  8. Pe acest canal imi pierd eu cam tot timpul :))

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Comunitatea GAMELIFE.RO a fost infiintata in anul 2012 si reprezinta una din cele mai vechi comunitati din tara ! Deoarece comunitatea a avut un impact major in gaming in ultimii 10 ani am decis sa reinviem proiectul si sa il ducem inapoi unde e locul ! LIVE THE GAME WITH US !

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