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  1. Nick: Momir Date : 11/4/2020
  2. Nick: Momir Age: 17 Steam on/off: On SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/m0mir/ Time spent on server (Link GT) : 4.5 Experience CS/AMXX: been admin on knife arena and dm server Timp avaiable: In the day or in the evening?: day Why do you wanna be a admin? : Did you read the Admin/Playeri Rules?(answear) : yes Do you take the responsability to check the forum minim once a day? : i do Will you participate at the staff conference on Discord?https://discord.gg/qtdBv8V : yes Contact(Discord, Steam, Skype): steam

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Comunitatea GAMELIFE.RO a fost infiintata in anul 2012 si reprezinta una din cele mai vechi comunitati din tara ! Deoarece comunitatea a avut un impact major in gaming in ultimii 10 ani am decis sa reinviem proiectul si sa il ducem inapoi unde e locul ! LIVE THE GAME WITH US !

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