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Counter Strike 1.6 CLEAN EDITION
This version of the game is an exact analogy of the steam Counter Strike 1.6. It includes original models, sounds, sprites and design.
Download CS 1.6 from our website to get a client with powerfull protection from malicious scripts and files will make it safe to play without a fear of an admin damaging it or being injected with Autoconnect or a GameMenu hack - yet another reason to download CS 1.6 on our website.
Original player models (Steam) Classic version of Counter Strike 1.6 Bots (Controls: "H") Garanteed to run on Windows 8.1 48 proto 100% Anti-Hacking protection Unlimited download speed Fast installation (less than a minute)
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[New'22] Noua tema a forumului pe anul 2022
Va salut dragi utilizatori ai forumului,
Iata-ne ajunsi si in anul 2022, anul acesta sarbatorind 10 ani de la deschiderea comunitatii, iar inceputul de an pot spune ca a inceput cu bine, reusind ca prim lucru, sa schimbam designul comunitatii.
Tema este una nou aparuta pe piata, ne-a placut foarte mult si am decis sa o facem publica si pe forumul nostru, al tuturor. Tema este una atractiva asa ca nu i-am facut mari modificari deocamdata, mare parte este default, insa pe viitor cu siguranta va suferi modificari placute.
In curand vor fi vizibile si noile aspecte principale ale temei, logo + banner.
Cel mai important punct al acestui topic, abia acum urmeaza, asteptam FEEDBACK-ul vostru in legatura cu:
*orice problema despre tema/forum
*orice idee este binevenita
*ce anume considerati ca ar trebui modificat/adaugat/sters
*orice modificare propusa va fi analizata si implementata daca aceasta va aduce un plus. 
Orice parere este acceptata 😄
Multumim frumos pentru implicare si un An Nou cu sanatate, fericire si implinire,
STAFF GameLife Romania
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Gamelife te vrea in staff ! #cautam moderatori !
// Cautam Moderatori  // 
             Dorim sa investim in proiecte prin care userul sa fie activ si in acelasi timp sa castige si ceva banuti ! Daca nu esti inca decis , comunitatea Gamelife Romania va prezinta noile proiecte care se vor desfasura incepand din luna asta  : CSGO 5 vs 5 -  50 euro , LOL 1 vs 1 -  30 euro , valorant 5 vs 5 - 50 euro  !  Pentru noi competitii va astept cu pm @th3#afk.
Categorii in care cautam moderatori : 
 Descopera;  It Area ; Social ;  Jocuri  Pentru doritori , completati modelul de mai jos  :
Nick: IP: daca este dinamic sau fix  Cate ore activ  poti fi pe zi : ex 2 ore din 24 Cati ani ai:   Experienta (ai mai avut vreodata gradul de moderator) Rolul unui moderator : 
sa mentina activitatea in categoria pe care o modereaza ; sa creeze content nou zilnic , unic cat si copy + paste cand necesita ; sa creeze discutii tematice pentru membrii forumului ; sa asigure bunul demers al forumului si sa penalizeze off topic si post hunt .
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Cerințe pentru ca cererea să fie acceptată : 

Numele topicului trebuie să fie intitulat [Cerere Designer] Numele tău de pe forum

Să ai o activitate decentă ( Verifici forumul de 2, 3 ori/zi ).

Sa ai PORTOFOLIU obligatoriu


Nickname : 

Nume Real : 

Vârstă : 

Contact :

Descrie-te în minim 10 cuvinte : 

De ce crezi că meriți acest grad? :

Cea mai bună lucrare a ta (poza + .psd) :

Portofoliu : 

Alte detalii :
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[Gaming Reviews] Back 4 Blood
How Back 4 Blood is using a card system to be different from Left 4 Dead

Many have said that Back 4 Blood is something more than the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead as, despite the new publisher, team, and name, the DNA of Valve's co-op zombie shooter should be clear for all to see. But, for those dining in on its nostalgia, there's something new to explore that's going to even further improve the game's inherent replayability - a Roguelike card system. 
"We are definitely trying something a little bit different," explains Lianne Papp, executive producer at Turtle Rock Studios in an interview with GamesRadar for the Future Games Show. "We've got the elements that you want out of a cooperative zombie shooter, so you can gather up with your three friends and take out a bunch of Ridden [the game's zombies]; we're also adding some rouge-lite elements with our card system that's actually pretty cool, and we think it will provide a different spin on it and provides more replayability to the game.

For those of you who didn't manage to jump into the game's closed alpha – although an open beta is arriving sometime before the game's new October 12 release date – the game starts out simply, and familiarly, enough. You and three friends find yourselves in a safe room, and although zombies are the main foe, the orchestrator of everything once again is the Game Director. Rather than a developer though, the Game Director is the in-game AI established in the Left 4 Dead games, tweaking each section, deciding when and where to drop zombies, and what kinds you will face. Thus, each round you play feels dynamic and unique, responding to decisions you've made, but now the card system will let you tailor your tactics to combat the Game Director too. 


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