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Fondatori: MisTreCi GaMinG 


  1. Regulations

              Rules of KosovaZM.GameLife.Ro

    1. No One Have Right To Offend Any Player Or Admin On Server
    2. If You Are Admin Or Vip Or Anything You Have To Play Just Here In KosovaZM.GameLife.Ro
    3. If u Want To Get Free Admin u Have To Leave Every Night Spectator On Server

                                           Those Are Rules Of KosovaZM.GameLife.Ro

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  2. Access Request

    Anunță dorința de-a face parte din echipa noastră depunând o cerere la categoria potrivită.

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  3. Admin Request

    Send Request For Admins... 

  4. Donatii

    Aici se afla donatiile serverului KosovaZM

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  5. 👑 Monthly competitions 👑

    Here you can have the opportunity to get a free V.I.P for a month, Good luck!

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  6. Banlist

    No One Have Ban On KosovaZM.GameLife.Ro Yet

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  7. Remove Admin List

    spacer.png click here to display the list of deleted admins.


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  8. Statistic Gametracker

    Fondatori: MisTreCi GaMinG 
    Buy addons Zombie Plague 6.2 bY p0w3R.* 

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