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About This File

Plugin allow transfer bomb from AFK terrorist to closest non-AFK teammate.
Plugin will have no effect:
- at the freezetime
- if bomb is planting
- on non-bomb maps (comment #define BOMB_MAP_CHECK to suppress)




  • 1 - Fisierul afkbombtransfer.sma il puneti in addons/amxmodx/scripting
  • 2 - Fisierul afkbombtransfer.amxx il puneti in addons/amxmodx/plugins
  • 3 - Intrati in fisierul addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini si adaugati la urma: afkbombtransfer.amxx
  • 5 - Cvar-uri (se adauga in fisierul amxmodx\configs\amxx.cfg

afk_bombtransfer_spawn (N: seconds, default: 7) - max. allowed bomb carrier AFK time
affects on spawned AFK bomb carrier which never moved after spawn
afk_bombtransfer_time (N: seconds, default: 15) - max. allowed bomb carrier AFK time
affects on any AFK bomb carrier except one which obey previous CVAR

  • 6 - Comenzi administrative (se tasteaza in consola si trebuie sa fiti administrator):

Nu are

  • 7 - Comenzi publice (se tasteaza in joc prin apasarea tastei Y):

Nu are

  • 8 - Module necesare (se sterge ; din fata modulului de mai jos; acestea le gasiti in fisierul amxmodx\configs\modules.ini



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