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About This File

[ Cvars ]


utp_show_user_status "1" - Show Alive/Dead user status in chat, value <0 - Show Alive/Dead> <1 - Show Dead Only> <2 - Show Alive Only>
utp_login_info "_tag" - login info | when user login or connected check his password by this user info



amx_reloadtags - reload the config tag file
amx_addtag - add tag (usage : <ip/steam/name/flag/pass> <u-ip/u-steam/u-name/none/(u-ip/u-steam/u-name)> <flag> <tag> <chat-color(!t/!y/!g)> <password/passcode>)
amx_removetagmenu - remove tags by using the menu its will be more simple fore you!
amx_changetagmenu - Multitags you can now change you'r tag prefix to you'r available tags! *NEW* From here also you can disable the tag!
amx_tag_password - this cmd open's the login menu for pass method!

How to add tags

add tag by name:-

 "Name" "user nick name" "user flag" "tag prefix" "CColor(!g/!y/!t)" 


add tag by steam:-

 "Steam" "user steamid" "user flag" "tag prefix" "CColor(!g/!y/!t)"


add tag by ip:-

 "IP" "user IP Address" "user flag" "tag prefix" "CColor(!g/!y/!t)" 

add tag by flags:-

 "Flag" "note" "user flag" "tag prefix" "CColor(!g/!y/!t)" 

add tag by password:-

 "Pass" "user nick name or ip or steamid" "user flag" "tag prefix" "CColor(!g/!y/!t)" "user password/passcode" 

[ Installation ]

Add the files in their direct folders and then go to configs/ open plugins.ini file, scroll down
add the plugin name 'user_tag_prefix.amxx' at the last close and save !



users_tag.cfg ----------- addons/amxmodx/configs/'Over Here'
user_tag_prefix.amxx ----------- addons/amxmodx/plugins/'Over Here'
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